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12 Best Arranged Marriage Manga You Must Read

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Hey Guys!. In this article, we will share marriage manga recommendations for you. You can read these marriage mangas when you have free time to read. Read this blog till the end and find your perfect marriage manga.

These manga are based on real-life situations where people are often forced to marry. These manga describes the life of both the male and female characters when they are forced into a relationship. These stories explore the ups and downs of settling with a new spouse.

They can sometimes be very funny or wholesome or we can find the characters difficulty settling with the new life. Now let’s get back to our recommendations

12. Atsumori-kun no Oyome-san (←Mitei)

Atsumori-kun no Oyome-san (←Mitei)
  • alternative title: Atsumori-Kun’s Bride (← Pending), Atsumori-Kun’s Bride-to-be
  • author(s):Taamo
  • genre: Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: inkr comics

Nishikie is a studious girl who loves to study. But her parents set her up for an arranged marriage, which she doesn’t want at all. When she encountered Atsumri, a high schooler from Tokyo, she was drawn to him. The unique personality of Atsumori attracted Nishiki.

Will Atsumori, who is a city girl, accept the feelings of a country girl? This is a marriage manga where the female lead falls first. The personalities of the characters are endearing and attractive.

11. Migawari no Koushaku Fujin

Migawari no Koushaku Fujin
  • alternative title: Bartered Bride
  • author(s):Anne Herries; SACHIMI Riho
  • genre: Historical Josei Romance
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: SB Creative Corp

This is another marriage manga where Charlotte has to marry a man which she has never met before. Her father was caught up in gambling and had to arrange the marriage of her daughter Clarice to a man named Marquis. She had to take her twin sisters’ place when her sister went missing.

However, when she met the man in real life, she realized that he was different than she imagined him to be. He is soft-looking yet cruel towards her. With a beautiful European ambiance, this is a good marriage manhwa based in the 19th century.

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10. Marry Me!

Marry Me! arranged marriage manga
  • alternative title: Marry Me (YUUKI Miku)
  • author(s):YUUKI Miku
  • genre: Romance Slice of Life
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: line webtoon

Akiyasu is a civil servant who has lived a lonely life apart from society. To reinduct these civil servants into society, the government launched a program called the Neet Protection Law. Under this law, these civil servants are set up with their potential partners. Even Akiyasu was set up with Himari.

But then he realized that Himari was not aware of this. Will Akiyasu be able to win Himari’s heart? This is a good marriage manhwa where the lives of the main leads are explored. It shows how these two couples grew up together.

9. The Andreou Marriage Arrangement

The Andreou Marriage Arrangement
  • alternative title:Kyozetsu Sareta Hanamuko
  • author(s):Helen Bianchin; Earithen
  • Genre: Drama Josei Romance
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: Softbank creative

Alesha has to marry the infamous magnate Loukas. To pay off her father’s debt, Alesha has no other option but to arraign him. True to his name, Loukas has a chiseled face with jet-black eyes and hair. The way he looks at Alesha is so endearing that Alesha’s body shudders.

But Alesha has a past that she cannot forget. And she is unable to tell Loukas that she is not the perfect bride that he wants her to be. This arranged marriage is a marriage of convenience. The main leads are not in love with each other yet, but they will have to marry.

8. Fox’s Kiss

Fox’s Kiss
  • alternative title: Koyoi, Kimi to Kiss no Chigiri o
  • author(s):AIKAWA Saki
  • genre: Romance Shoujo Supernatural
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: Tapas

Miharu has to visit her hometown after the death of her beloved grandmother. During her visit, she met a strange boy. As she started spending time with him, she found out the real personality of that boy.

This arranged marriage manga explores human and non-human relationships. The ML has special abilities where he falls in love with the fl first.

7. I Want to Break off This Engagement, so I’ll Play the Villainess

I Want to Break off This Engagement, so I'll Play the Villainess
  • alternative title: Konyakuhaki Shitai node Akuyaku Reijou Enjimasu
  • author(s): GOROGORO Mikan; HORI Erio
  • genre: Drama Fantasy Josei Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • where to read: Manga Plaza

Princess Lilnette is arranged to marry the crown prince of a neighboring country. However, due to her abusive family members, Linette abhors her family and kingdom. In order to destroy her kingdom, she will break her engagement with the prince and create havoc in the country.

This arranged marriage manhwa has a good plot and an appealing art.

6. My happy marriage

My happy marriage
  • Alternative title: Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon; My Blissful Marriage; My Happy Marriage
  • author(s): AGITOGI Akumi; KOUSAKA Rito
  • genre: drama, historical Historical Romance Shoujo Supernatural
  • status: ongoing
  • Where to read: Square Enix USA

Miyo Saimori is unhappy since she did not acquire superhuman abilities from her forefathers. Nobody loves her, and even her family thinks she’s useless. Her half-sister treats her as if she were a servant. Miyo is treated like garbage, and to get rid of her, she was made the bride of Kudo House. The Kudo clan has a reputation for being cold towards others.

This romance manga has an appealing story with a historical fantasy element. The female protagonist has tortured her entire life. Will she be able to save herself from all of this misery? The romance develops rapidly, and the plot is wonderful.

5. Her Ladyship Objects to this Marriage!

Her Ladyship Objects to this Marriage!
  • alternative title: The Princess Doesn’t Want to Marry Her Ideal Type
  • author(s):Gwonsuri; Ranov; Teju
  • genre: Fantasy Romance Shoujo
  • Status: Ongoing
  • where to read: Tapas

The main character in this manhwa has no desire to marry. When she finds out she has been planning to marry, she realizes her companion will be a sorcerer named Idwin. Lady Kyriel was drawn into him despite her refusal to marry anybody. What will happen when fates collide?

This is an awesome manhwa to read, with strong and badass main characters. The plot is surprising, which keeps you engaged throughout the story.

4. My Sweet Demon Boss

My Sweet Demon Boss
  • alternative title: Kishin Kachou wa Amasa de Dekiteiru
  • author(s): OOMATSU Yukikusa
  • genre: Comedy Drama Josei Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • where to read: pocket comics

Noe‘s parents suddenly set her up for marriage with a man she did not know about. Even Moe is a girl, so she thought it would not hurt to give this man a chance. It turns out that this new man is her manager. And her manager is nothing less than a demon, aka the devil. Moe and her manager were forced to marry each other.

But her mother has a completely different personality at home. This is another arranged marriage manga with officious romance as the plot. The artwork by the author is stunning.

3. I’ll Marry Him!

I'll Marry Him!
  • alternative title: I’ll Do That Marriage, That Marriage, I’ll Do It!
  • author(s): Carumok Grilled Cutlassfish
  • genre: Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: tappytoon

Lilian is the Duke’s illegitimate daughter. As a result, she was never truly loved by anyone. However, when she was given the opportunity to take her sister’s place in the arranged marriage, she grabbed t without second thoughts.

Her husband, Emperor Kaell Lu Kaldorf, always has trouble sleeping. And if he doesn’t get enough sleep, he becomes irritable. Lilian possesses superhuman abilities that allow her to kiss someone and put them to sleep.

This is a fantastic manhwa with a tough and strong main character. The fl even have otherworldly abilities. This manga about marriage is an enjoyable read with outstanding artwork.

2. Love and Lies

Love and Lies
  • alternative title: Koi to Uso
  • author(s):Musawo
  • genre: Drama Romance School Life Shounen
  • Status: Complete
  • where to read: Kodansha USA

What if you are provided a marriage partner when you turn sixteen by the government? The same is happening in Japan. To avoid the hassle of falling in love, knowing them, and then marrying them, the government of Japan assigns a marriage partner when someone turns sixteen.

Yukari Nejima is a sixteen-year-old, and he is not that great in academics and sports. Even then, he has a hidden lover inside him. What will happen when he falls in love in this country where love is forbidden? This arranged marriage manga has a school romance. The artwork is amazing, and the storyline is good.

1. A Doting Marriage Dropped From the Clouds

A Doting Marriage Dropped From the Clouds
  • alternative title: Surprise Marriage
  • author(s): Ake Dou Bao Gu
  • genre: Comedy Josei Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • where to read: webcomics

The female leads their parents to pressure her to marry the ml. She has never met the man in her life. The ML urges her to call off their wedding. He treats her with arrogance yet he comforts her by showering her with affection.

Because of the constant stress in her life, she decides to end this marriage drama. This manga about marriage has a forced marriage plot with a lot of continuous drama.

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We have ranked these marriage manga recommendations based on our preferences. You can even suggest some of your favorite arranged marriage manga and we will forever them for you in our next blog. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Instagram.



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