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12+ Best Romance Webtoons To Read In 2024 (Ranked)

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Every year thousands of new romance webtoons are published on webtoon. Among those thousands of webtoons that are available online, there are some of the best romance webtoons that every fan of romance manhwa must read.

So in this article, you will discover some of the best romance webtoons that you can read in 2023. From action to romance, comedy to drama, we have got you covered.

12+ Best Romance Webtoons To Read In 2024

13. An Hour of Romance

An Hour of Romance
  • Alternative title: 1/24: No Romance; 1/24 Romance
  • Author(s): Kim Myeongm
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Josei, Romance, Supernatural
  • Where to read: Tappytoon

Johan and Dojin are way too different from each other. Both have different personalities and unique work ethics. Jooahn has always been a serious lady who always takes her work seriously. On the other hand, Dojin lives his life without any care. With strikingly different attitudes towards life, they can’t be with each other. However, everything changed when they visited a temple where they swapped their bodies with each other. Now, every day, they swap their bodies for an hour at any time.

This soul-swapping concept makes this best romance webtoon even more amazing. The office romance seems natural, not forced.

12. Another Typical Fantasy Romance

Another typical fantasy romance
  • Alternative title: Another Typical Romance Fantasy
  • Author(s): WOLHET
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance
  • Where to read: Pocket comics

The FL got reincarnated into her favourite fantasy romance novel. In this instance, she had high expectations of herself. She is determined to live her best life in this new world by avoiding her past mistakes. She starts her happily ever after by meeting a sweet, caring duke.

The character of this best romance webtoon addresses every issue and communicates about them. The world is building, and the pace is good. The art might be off-putting for some, but it is still worth giving it a read.

11. Answer Me, My Prince

Answer Me, My Prince - best romance webtoons to read
  • Alternative title: Please Answer Me, Prince; RSVP, Prince!
  • Author(s): Teava; YOO PAULHEE
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to read: LINE webtoon

Cordelia Grey is an editor who was provided a manuscript. The manuscript was about the sequel to a novel called The Princess and the Knight. She was also given an old box. She kept the manuscript in the box. When she came back to check it, there was a letter from the prince, who is the protagonist of the novel. They become pen pals, which eventually leads to their friendship.

This is one of the best romantic webtoons and has all the elements of a perfect romance webtoon. The mysterious plot and communication through letters make it a perfect read.

10. Aristite was blessed with a curse

Aristite was blessed with a curse
  • Alternative title: Aristité Was Blessed With a Curse
  • Author(s): Cherry ; Jegwajeppyeo
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to read: Tappytoon

Aristate is the boy from the Nobel family. As per the customs, one man from the family has to serve the house. But one day, he got cursed that he would lose one important thing. Due to this, he becomes a woman. In reality, Aristate was actually a girl named Arial who cross-dressed as a man and used medicine to change her voice and appearance. Arial is trying her best to hide her reality from the world.

With a misogynistic society, Arial is trying to defy it. The FL has a secret identity. The art and the premise of this romance webtoon are promising.

9. As You Like It, Margrave

As You Like It, Margrave
  • Alternative title: As Long as You Like It; Do As You Like It
  • Author(s): Kwon 
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to read: Tapas

Dian is the maid of Lady Selene. To save Lady Selene from an undesirable marriage, Diana took her place and went to the Evenhart castle. There she met Margrave, who is a descendant of a knight whose huge fan is Diana. Marrave helped her live at his place, but he has a cold and distant personality.

With a strong and independent FL, this is one of the best romantic webtoons and has good and detailed characters.

8. At Your Service, My Lady

At Your Service, My Lady
  • Alternative title: This Lady Is Too Much
  • Author(s): Viva
  • Status: zestyComplete
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life
  • Where to read: Pocket Comics

Park Shin Hye is the student president, and Kim Ghun Ja is the chairman’s granddaughter. One is the prince and another is the princess of Geumsoo High School. They both have secrets that they have been hiding from the world.

This romance novel has a poor male lead who is extremely intelligent. The romance and funny scenes make this romance webtoon a lot more enjoyable.

7. Bring the love

Bring the love
  • Author(s): zestkyo
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to read: Tappytoon

This webtoon revolves around the life of Leah, who is bombarded with the responsibilities of the kingdom. Her brother, Ritch, was supposed to be the next heir to the crown. The sudden death of her father and Ritch’s disappearance put her in a spot where she had to get married to someone. To secure the throne, she decided to get married.

With an adorable story line, this romance webtoon doesn’t fail to grab the attention of readers. With brilliant stories of main and side characters, this romance webtoon is worth reading.

6. Brother Knows Best

Brother knows best
  • Alternative title: My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path
  • Author(s): Hyla
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance
  • Where to read: Tapas

Raviel became an empress in her second life, and now she is searching for a potential husband. Her brother, who has a severe sister complex, tries to find a husband for her. They both devised a plan where Ravel would end up with charming Duke Haven Derhardt. But there are some secrets that Raveel should hide from everyone.

With a European ambiance and beautiful characters, this romance webtoon is filled with drama and romance.

5. Charming You

Charming You
  • Alternative title: You Will Like It; You’ll like it
  • Author(s): Park Soo-a
  • Status: compete
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to read: LINE webtoon

The fortune teller advised Jimin to get the underwear of her crush and attach the charm to it. According to the fortune teller, it will increase Jimin’s chances of getting into a relationship with her crush. The whole concept of using underwear as a charm is quite shady and weird. But Jimin is willing to do anything so that she can win her crush. Whether she will be able to get closer to her crush or whether she will face rejection and hatred even before confessing to him

With good art and a lot of misunderstanding, this romance webtoon has a different premise.

4. Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer
  • Alternative Title: Our Beloved Summer: Like Early Summer!
  • Author(s): Han, Kyoung-Chal
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre: Webtoons, Comedy, Romance, School Life
  • Where to Read: Line Webtoon

The story revolves around the lives of two Teo high school students named Wung Choi and Yeonsu. Both have different personalities and don’t get along. Until one day, a filmmaker decides to make a documentary on their school life. As both have to stay close to each other for some time, they discover each other’s secrets.

This romance webtoon has a good plot and slow-burn romance. The banter between the two students is funny yet beautiful.

3. Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess
  • Alternative Title: Villains Are Destined to Die
  • Authors: Gwon Gyeoeul; Suol
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Romance, and Webtoon
  • Where to Read: Tapas

The FL died and got transmigrated to an otome world. The otome game in which she was transported was already being played by the FL, and she became the game’s villain. Not only this, but the level to which she teleported is the hardest to clear. As she already knows about the game, she must do anything to avoid her death.

This is a good romance webtoons that has a reverse harem where the FL is going to choose a suitable male lead for her.

2. So I Married an Anti-Fan

So I Married an Anti-Fan
  • Author(s): Wann; Kim, Eunjeong
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Webtoon
  • Where to Read: Net comics

Geunyoung is a magazine reporter who makes very little money. Once, she clicked on controversial pictures of a popular celebrity named Joon Ho. To avoid any unwanted circumstances, he took away Geunyoung’s job as reporter. life This made Geunyoung an anti-fan, and she started to hate him to the core.

This is a good romance webtoon that has an enemies-to-lovers plot where the FL hates the ML. As the story progressed, they both started developing feelings for each other.

1. See You in My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life
  • Alternative Title: Let’s Meet In The Next Life; Please Take Care Of Me In This Life As Well; Please Take Care Of This Student
  • Authors: Lee, Hye
  • Status: Completed
  • Genre: romance, drama, fantasy, supernatural, webtoons
  • Where to Read: Webtoon Entertainment

After living and dying for eighteen lives, the FL was reborn as Jieum Bam in her 19th life. One thing that was common in all her life was that she remembered her past lives. This time, she decided to reconnect with everyone. On her way to reconnect with her 18th-life relatives and friends, she met Seoha. Seoha has PTSD because of some incidents that happened in his early childhood.

How love will bloom amid trauma is yet to be seen. With a beautiful story that jumps from past life to present, the author did amazing work to portray this romance webtoon in a great way.


In this article, we have tried to share some of the best romance webtoons to read in 2024. Most of these are very good romance webtoons that you’ll surely like if you are a sucker for romance. If you have any more recommendations that you would like to share then make sure to comment them down below.

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