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12 Best Comedy Manga To Read In 2024 (Ranked)

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Everyone wants to have fun while reading manga and the authors know it very well. That’s why no matter what type of manga it is they always try to include some funny scenes so that the audience remains entertained throughout the story.

There are some comedy manga that are able to use this troupe more well than the rest. So in this article, we are going to share with you some of the best comedy manga recommendations that you can have fun reading.

12 Best Comedy Manga To Read

12. Noragami

Noragami - best comedy manga to read
  • Alternative Title: Noragami: Stray God
  • Authors: Adachi Toka
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Comedy/ Drama/ Romance/ Shounen/ Supernatural
  • Where To Read: Kodansha USA

Since Yato is a wandering god, he has no shrine at all. Except for Yato, all the other gods have shrines. No one prays for him. Except for Yato, all the gods have an assistant. But As Hiyori was about to be hit by the truck, he crossed paths with her. She was saved by Yato.

Now that Hiyori has supernatural abilities, she is able to sense creatures that are not like those seen on Earth. The creatures that attack humans originate from a distant beach. Yato is determined to create a shrine and find a new ally with the help of Hiyori.

This comedy manga focuses on the god Yato, his attendant Yukine, and the magically blessed Hiyori Chan as they navigate their way through life.

11. Empress Of Another World

Empress Of Another World
  • Alternative Title: Empress Of The Otherverse, Isekai Empress
  • Authors: Lim Seo-Rim, Lee Young
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Webtoons
  • Where To Read: Tappytoon

Another romance manhwa with a jealous male protagonist is this one. The male lead in this manhwa falls in love first. High school student Sarina was offered the opportunity to serve as an elderly emperor’s concubine after being resurrected into a different realm. Chaos about who takes the throne is caused by the assassination of the king.

Enjoyable to read, this manhwa features a silent, powerful female heroine. It includes fuff, politics, emotional scenes, and loads of comedy.

10. Crush of a lifetime

Crush of a lifetime
  • Alternative Title: The Omniscient Point Of View of Unrequited Love
  • Authors: Jung Ha Rim; Kim Yeon Woo
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy/ Romance/ School Life/ Shoujo
  • Where To Read: Pocket Comics

The main character is a well-known YouTube personality with an impressive Instagram fan base. Despite being quite well-known, Hyeji has never been in a romantic or dating relationship. She received an invitation from another SNS celebrity one day, and they both made the decision to go on a date. On the date,

Hyeji couldn’t help but feel the desire to take a picture, so she used her feet to take a picture of herself. Hyeji was speechless when a part-timer named Ki Sung noticed her in that humiliating situation. Also, the date was a complete disaster, and Hyeji and that guy separated.

The comedy Manga has a happy ending. The couple’s relationship was formed naturally. A love triangle exists in this manhwa.

9. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku
  • Alternative Title: Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii
  • Authors: Fujita
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy/ Josei/ Romance/ A Slice Of Life
  • Where To Read: Kodansha Comics

This comedy manga is filled with hardcore otaku. Narumi Momose works in an office. But secretly, she is an otaku. Being an otaku, she faced many rejections from romantic partners. At the office, she met an old friend who had started working in the same office. Hirotaka Nifuji knows her secret. They both make a pact that they will become each other’s partners so that their selves will be safe.

This romantic comedy manga is wholesome. The main characters are adorable, but the side characters of this comedy manga stole the show.

8. I’m The Soldier’s Ex-girlfriend

I'm The Soldier's Ex-girlfriend
  • Alternative Title: I’m The Ex-Girlfriend Of A Soldier
  • Authors: Jihyeon; Song Seo Rim
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Shoujo
  • Where To Read: Tappytoon

Hazelnut Maise Is the lovely and silly protagonist of a book’s love interest. However, it is challenging for Maia to continue to keep the novel’s standard because of her looks. After breaking up with the male lead, she begins going on blind dates, where she meets the charming Eith Lancell. Eith’s looks can fool anyone, as he is evil in disguise.

A strong connection is shown in this romantic comedy, which additionally has a dashing male lead. The plot’s twist is unexpected. It keeps you engaged with fluff, a plot twist, and an entertaining storyline.

7. Daybreaking Romance

Daybreaking Romance
  • Alternative Title: Dawning Romance; Break Of Dawn Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Yuwol
  • Genre: Romance/ Webtoons/ Comedy/ School life/ Slice Of Life
  • Where To Read: Gobooki Books

Huge and menacing Dong Saebyeok has a crush on Seo Gwangchae. He has feelings for a girl who is the complete opposite of him. She is cool and badass, whereas Dong is an arrogant person. But something occurs between them when Dong is completely drunk. This comedy manhwa features campus romance, which is incredibly enjoyable to read.

6. Maid Sama

Maid Sama
  • Alternative Title: Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!
  • Authors: Fujiwara Hiro
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy/ Drama/ Romance/ School Life/ Shoujo
  • Where To Read: Viz.

Miskai’s life is difficult. She secretly works as a part-time maid in a café. She has to keep the boys of her class disciplined because she is the student council president of a co-ed school. The ratio of male students is higher than that of female students, due to which Misaki always keeps a hard exterior.

On the other hand, Usui is considered the most handsome boy in the school. Usui falls in love with Misaki after the first encounter and then finds out her secret: she works in a maid café. This comedy manga has a good storyline. The main characters are well written, and the FL is a strong and independent girl.

5. Romance 101

Romance 101
  • Alternative Title: A Guide To Proper Dating
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Namsu
  • Genre: Comedy/ Romance
  • Where To Read: Webtoons Entertainment

This school’s manhwa focuses mostly on two college students named Jung Bareum and Na Yuyeon. Both contradict each other. Yuyeon, in comparison to Jung, is a laid-back person who genuinely enjoys life. He enjoys playing online video games and often arrives late for class.

Jung also wants to find a loving partner for herself. But there is little chance that they will end up dating. We still don’t know if she will ever experience romantic love.

4. My One And Only

My One And Only
  • Authors: Chantal, G. Seasoning, And Junseng
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Webtoons/ Comedy/ Drama/ Fantasy/ Romance
  • Where To Read: Pocket Comics

This completed manhwa includes a werewolf and a human. In this manhwa, Arim comes across a charming stranger who also happens to be a werewolf. Eventually, they both move in together. While sharing a home, they live in the same flat. Ten, the werewolf, gains knowledge about people from Arim. And Ari has been chosen by Ten to be his companion.

Another romantic manga features a male character who is envious. Although the plot is really wholesome, it is full of clichés. This is one of the best comedy manga recommendations which includes beautiful fluff and a character with magical abilities while being a little fast-paced.

3. A Villain Demands to Be Loved

A Villain Demands to Be Loved
  • Alternative title: The Villain Demands I Love Him; I’m Being Forced To Love By A Villain
  • Author(s): Omijacheong ; Shinmallang
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Comedy/ Drama/ Historical
  • Where to read: Tapas

The characters in this completed manhwa are Senia and Tesar. It is unknown to Senia, but she has been reincarnated repeatedly. The duke named Tesar is known for his bad reputation. and he has been in love with Senia from the beginning. He is adamant about saving Senia no matter what.

Senia has been leading a boring life. But she agreed to get married when the notorious Duke teaser appeared in front of her!

Will she really be able to accept the duke’s proposal? Will the Duke, who committed so many crimes, make opportunities for betterment? You must read this manhwa romance, in which you will find comedy as well as romance with historical drama.

2. The Daughter of the Albert House Wishes for Ruin

The Daughter of the Albert House Wishes for Ruin
  • Alternative title: Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster; Albert-ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo Goshomou desu
  • Author(s): Futaba Hazuki; SATSUKI Tsukasa; Saki
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Comedy/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Shoujo
  • Where to read: J. Novel Heart

The FL got transfigured into an Otome universe. After seeing all the similarities of the new world, the FL realized that she had become the villain of the Otome game, which she used to play. She became Mary Albert, whose life is doomed. To avoid such a fate, this new Mary Albert is ready to take things into her own hands and prevent her unfortunate ending.

This comedy manga is filled with funny characters and scenes. The fantasy world is full of situations that lead Mary towards her end.

1. Cheese in the Trap Season

Cheese in the Trap Season
  • Authors: Soonkki
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre: Comedy/ Mystery/ Romance/ Slice of Life
  • Where to Read: Line Webtoon

As a result of her argument with Yu Jeong, a senior at her college, Hong Sul has run into difficulty. It’s uncomfortable that Yu Jeong has been behaving so amiably toward her lately.

The Manhwa is another romantic mystery manga set in a school environment. Regardless of not being overly complicated, it is very dramatic, which makes it interesting. The main characters’ attempts to change for one another resulted in good character development.


In this article, we have shared some of the best comedy manga recommendations to read in 2024. The list we have shared today contains some of the best comedy manga out there. If you have any recommendations for us that would help us to improve the content of this article then please do share them down below.

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