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11+ Best Modern Romance Manhwa Recommendations (Ranked)

best modern romance manhwa recommendations
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Modern Romance Manhwa is now among the most loved sub-genre of romance. It has gained so much popularity that many of these manhwa are getting K-drama adaptations. Many of these manhwa have such great and captivating storyline that makes us reader a sucker for this genre.

In this article, we are gonna share with you some of the best modern romance manhwa recommendations that you will love reading. So make sure you bookmark all of these recommendations and have fun reading them.

12 Best Modern Romance Manhwa Recommendations

12. Maybe It’s meant to be

Maybe It's meant to be
  • Alternative Title: Accidentally Heavenly Match; Match Made in Heaven By Chance
  • Author(s): Kkultarae; Damcho
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: comedy, romance
  • Where to Read: Webtoon Entertainment

Han Jia is a 32-year-old woman who is doing a minor job and is single. She is suffering from peer pressure of marrying. One day, she crossed paths with her childhood friend, who was facing the same problem. She proposed that he marry her so that both could get rid of unnecessary pressure.

The characters of this modern romance manga are likable, and they fit each other very well. The manhwa explores many aspects, such as romance and comedy.

11. An Hour of Romance

An Hour of Romance - modern romance manhwa
  • Alternative Title: 1/24 Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Authors: Kim, Myeongmi
  • Genre: romance, comedy, webtoons
  • Where to Read: Tappytoon

Johan and Doojin are opposites. Johan has a bossy personality and strong ethics. Whereas Doojin is a soft-spoken, nice guy who completes all the work assigned to him. They went to a temple, where something unnatural happened. Now they both swap bodies for an hour at any given time each day. And they have no control over the time.

As they keep swapping bodies, they learn a lot about each other. They started to understand each other in a way that they never thought they would. If you are a sucker for an office romance, then you should give this manhwa a read.

10. The baby is not yours!

The baby is not yours!
  • Alternative Title: It’s Not Your Child; The Baby Isn’t Yours
  • Authors: Team Twinkle; Lee, Jihye
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: fantasy, romance, webtoons
  • Where to Read: Tapas

Callia is a savage commander of the royal family. She and Prince Simon became friends when she saved his life. But one day, they both had a one-night stand, and Callia got pregnant. To avoid any unwanted situations and embarrassment, Callia decided to run away so that she could deliver the baby safely and soundly. But the truth is that Simon has been in love with her since the beginning. To get Callia back, Simon tries to find her and bring Callia and the baby back.

The ML is a gentleman and loves FL a lot. The characters have good chemistry, and the story is executed well.

9. Romance 101

Romance 101
  • Alternative Title: A Guide to Proper Dating
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Namsu
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Where to Read: Webtoons Entertainment

Explosions happen when two opposites meet. Jung and Na Yuyeon are way too different from each other. Jung is thoughtful and serious, whereas Yuyeon has a carefree attitude. Jung doesn’t look at Na Yuyeon as a potential partner because of his carefree and flamboyant personality. But a romance will ensue between both characters as they start to get to know each other.

How their story will proceed is yet to be seen. It is a really good modern romance manhwa with good art and storyline. Make sure you guys don’t miss out on this.

8. If you give me a flower, I’ll give you myself.

If you give me a flower, I'll give you myself.
  • Alternative Title: Give Me A Flower, And I Will Give You All Of Me
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Jo, Yujin, and Homil
  • Genre: romance, a slice of life, and webtoons
  • Where to Read: Tappytoon

Haewon is in search of a rare flower that has not been discovered by everyone yet. Her dream is to discover it and name it after herself so that she will be known for many years to come. It is because Haewon is going to die very soon. On her quest, she met Eunseoung in the desert. Eunseoung saves the girl and makes a pact with her that he will help her find the rare flower.

As they continue their journey to find the rare flower, romantic chemistry will develop between them. They will both help each other find their purpose in life. But to know how this will happen, you will have to read this modern romance novel.

7. The Makeup Remover

The Makeup Remover
  • Alternative Title: The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup
  • Status: Completed
  • Authors: Lee, Yeon
  • Genre: comedy or romance
  • Where to Read: Line Webtoon

The manhwa is about the lives of two different people and how they help each other in life. Kim Yeseul is a photography student who is insecure about her looks. To improve her features, she takes help from makeup artist Cheon Yuseong. Cheon is also in need of a person with whom he can experiment with makeup. Both of them pair up so that they can compete in a competition called Face-Off Cinderella.

Both characters help each other and establish a beautiful relationship. The art is beautiful.

6. Crush of a Lifetime

Crush of a Lifetime
  • Alternative Title: The Omniscient Point of View of Unrequited Love
  • Authors: Jung Ha Rim; Kim Yeon Woo
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy Romance School Life Shoujo
  • Where to Read: Pocket Comics

Hyeji is a popular YouTuber who has a huge following across social media. Because of her work, she was never able to fully focus on her love life, so she has no experience in dating at all. Suddenly, she got a proposal to go on a date with another star. At the venue, Hyejin tried to click her photo discreetly by using her feet. But a part-timer saw her and left her completely embarrassed.

This modern romance manhwa has a beautiful love story where romance naturally happens.

5. Seasons of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom
  • Author(s): Hongduck, Nemone
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Webtoon
  • Where to Read: Line Webtoon

This romantic manhwa beautifully presents the four seasons of life. The manhwa revolves around four different high school couples and explores their relationships with each other. Each story deals with some deep matter and the connection between the couples.

It is an emotional manhwa with a good plot. It has a unique story telling I’m sure you would love reading it.

4. A Good Day to Be a Dog

A Good Day to Be a Dog
  • Alternative Title: Lovely Again Today
  • Author(s): Lee, Hye
  • Status: Completed
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, and Supernatural
  • Where to Read: Line Webtoon

Hana is a school teacher who is suffering from a strange curse. It is because of her ancestor’s bad deeds that she has this curse. Because of this curse, whenever she tries to kiss someone, she becomes a dog. To break the curse, she will have to kiss the same person in her changed form. One day she accidentally kissed her coworker, who is afraid of dogs.

The storyline of this manhwa is interesting and full of fun and comedy moments. It has fluff and romance, which will a slice make you blush. Overall, it is a good modern romance manhwa with good art.

3. Til Debt Do Us Apart

Til Debt Do Us Apart
  • Alternative Title: A Bittersweet Couple; A Sweet and Bitter Couple; A Sweet and Bitter Love; A Sweet and Bloody Couple; A Sweet and Bloody Couple
  • Author(s): Flowbee; Janggreen
  • Status: Completed
  • Genre: Romance, webtoon
  • Where to Read: Webtoon Entertainment

If you want to read a modern romance with “marriage of convenience” as a theme, this is for you. Sobin is fed up because her mother keeps pestering her to go on blind dates so that she can find a potential partner. One day she was suddenly proposed to for marriage by her childhood friend.

While reading this manhwa, you can expect a lot of cliches, a sow-burn romance, and character development.

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty
  • Alternative Title: Nae Id Neun Gangnam Miin
  • Author(s): Ki, Maenggi
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Kang Mirae was always teased for her features. As per societal standards, she was not considered pretty and was always made fun of. To end the bullying, she underwent surgeries and operations. She became beautiful and was named Gangnam Beaty. But again, the teasing escalated when she was compared with a girl with more natural features.

Then she met Kyung Seok, and he taught her a lot of things related to beauty and societal standards. This modern romance manga beautifully deals with serious issues such as low self-esteem, bullying, and teasing.

1. Resigning as the Villainess

Resigning as the Villainess
  • Alternative Title: I’m Too Lazy To Be The Villain”; Even the villains can be annoying.; Even the villainy is annoying.; I’m Tired of Being a Villain Too
  • Author(s): Semi
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
  • Where to Read: Tapas

When the protagonist got reincarnated as Olivia, the villainess, her only aim was to avoid getting killed at any cost. Also, she tried to marry her childhood crush so that she could live a peaceful life. but she got stuck in a reverse harem when she started getting the exclusive attention of other males.

This is another modern romance manhwa with a reverse harem as a plot.


In this article, we have shared some of the best modern romance manhwa recommendations that you guys can binge read. We hope you guys have fun reading and if you would like to suggest anything to us please do comment them down below.

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