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16+ Unique Manhwa with Genius MC (Ranked)

manhwa with genius mc
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Are you looking for manhwa with genius mc? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best manhwa with Genius MC.

With the growing popularity of manhwa readers. Many Korean Studios are pumping out manhwa in the fantasy genre that features an overpowered main character. Manhwa where mc is a genius has become a rarity. So in this article, we have decided to share some of the best manhwa with Genius MC.

16+ Manhwa with Genius MC

17. The Ember Knight

The Ember Knight

This is a story that revolves around two twin brothers Nagyunn and Najin. Both brothers are equally talented where Najin is an excellent fighter whereas Nagyunn is a very strategic thinker. But one day Najin is killed by unknown individuals in front of Nagyunn. From that day on Nagyunn decides to take revenge by taking the identity of his brother.

This manhwa has an excellent storyline and plot that will keep you hooked. You will see various instances where the mc uses his brain to execute all the actions. This is a great revenge manhwa where mc is a genius.

16. Myst, Might, Mayhem

Myst, Might, Mayhem
  • Author: Hvanjoong Wolya / Mad Bird
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts, Murim

This story is a prequel of Nano Machine which is set 800 years before the Nano Machine story. The main protagonist of the story is Mok Gyengwoon he is otherwise called the first heavenly demon. The whole story is set in a martial arts World. Where the characters don’t shy away from showing their real face. The circumstances caused them to reveal their true nature.

This manhwa stands above all the rare situations where characters show their geniousness. This story showcases all the intellectual tussles between good and evil. If you haven’t read it just be done with it.

15. SSS Class Suicide Hunter

SSS Class Suicide Hunter
  • Author – Shin Noah
  • Genre – Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial arts, Tragedy, Supernatural

The story of this manhwa is phenomenal, It is set around a fantasy world where the main character’s ability is powerful, it requires intelligence to utilize it fully.

Likewise, It’s a world where players attempt to defeat stages of the game to advance further in the storyline. There are some endearing, tragic moments, that were unexpected, however, they make us feel diversely toward the main character

This manhwa is a pretty good read with a genius mc and it gets better and better as the story progresses

14. Tyrant of the defense tower game

Tyrant of the defense tower game
  • Author – Ryu Eun-gam
  • Genre – Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Supernatural

This manhwa is the perfect balance of a smart and competent MC. Our protagonist here has to use his full knowledge just to beat hellish levels and achieve victory, a victory hard and rightfully earned by him. He also suffers losses so perhaps you can expect heartbreaking moments.

Good characters, and an interesting plot. The battles are well thought out and engaging. Some quality humor is sprinkled in to draw you to the end.

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13. Moon shadow sword emperor

Moon shadow sword emperor manhwa with genius mc
  • Author – Qing Shanzhangjian
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama, fantasy, historical

A very generic manhwa that is set in the Murim martial arts genre. It had a good first chapter, it had great craftsmanship. The manhwa has a smart mc. The story follows MC, who was double-crossed by his demonic sect group individuals and relapsed after his passing. He chooses to follow an alternate way prompting power, status, and less work; as an elder in the Murim alliance.

Yet, since he isn’t associated with any huge factions, he must finish everything himself.

The story is pretty well written. The regression though has been used a lot in Murim settings, this somehow feels exciting and engaging.

12. Omniscient reader’s viewpoint

Omniscient reader's viewpoint
  • Author – Sing Shong
  • Genre – Action, fantasy, fairy tale, psychological fiction

The manhwa is about action, adventure, drama, and fantasy. Some say that the novel is unique and combines different Genres and is also considered to be a fairy tale and psychological fiction

The main character peruses an unpopular web novel all through his life and afterward it out of nowhere becomes reality Through this, he becomes omniscient (knowing it all) of the possible future occasions. However, he isn’t entirely overpowered, as some of his choices change the future and make part of it unknown.

The story will become increasingly fascinating and enunciated, with different turns, changes of perspective, and different scenarios. If you like MC who is OP and level-headed then you will definitely like this

11. My lucky encounter from the game turned into reality

My lucky encounter from the game turned into reality
  • Author – sani117
  • Genre – adventure, fantasy, science fiction

This manhwa is about action, adventure, and marvel. The protagonist is shipped into the universe of his favorite game where he should utilize his abilities and skills to survive and thrive Along the way, he experiences a variety of fascinating characters.

The novel is elegantly composed and engaging it works effectively to catch the energy and risk of being shipped into a computer game world. The characters are advanced and reasonable, and the plot is loaded with exciting Bends Overall, “My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality” is a fun and exciting read that is sure to please fans of fantasy and adventure novels

10. Doomed character of dark fantasy World

Doomed character of dark fantasy World
  • Author – Seohong
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Martial arts, Artistic

This story is an arrangement of fantasy with horror elements and has a dark and bleak tone or climate of fear and frightfulness. The story is the survival journey of a character who must now find a way to survive in this dangerous world, while also trying to find out how to get back to their world. Pretty interesting story with a good pace and interesting characters

The manhwa is loaded with action, savagery, and butchery. If you are a fan of dark fantasy, then you will enjoy the Doomed Character of a Dark Fantasy World. This is a good manhwa with smart mc to try out.

9. Reborn as the heavenly demon

Reborn as the heavenly demon
  • Author – O’Emperor
  • Genre – Action, drama, fantasy, martial arts, historical

This manhwa is set in the martial arts world. The story is about a character who is reincarnated into a cult where he wants to take revenge on some of the members. he prepared alone for a very long time for that

Our MC is wise and patient, he’s not hot-blooded, and he acts with class this is the thing I cherish most about this Manhwa. This manhwa feels deep and it has depth to it, mainly because it investigates the internal conflict of MC and highlights the characters around MC Shows you how each character is deeply intended in the story

8. The Nebula’s civilization

The Nebula's civilization
  • Author – Wiae
  • Genre – sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, action

This Manhwa is set in a mystery world where you can become a god a build a fantasy civilization. The story is about a man who was first in some game made to test whether they are qualified to be a divine force of the world. Then alongside some others, he presently is attempting to be the sole god to control the planet.

It focuses more on the characters other than the MC (who’s playing as god) which is far more Interesting It also investigates the secret of what caused the vanishing of the old gods and the destruction of the old world. The character work of the story is Very good, the center person has a pleasant and reasonable character

7. The last adventurer

The last adventurer
  • Author – Didat
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

The story is set in a medieval setting. It takes place during a period of hopelessness, sadness, and adventure In this period everybody surrendered trust and everyone lost the hope and courage to fight except the one warrior “Elpam” who stays until his final gasp.

Up to this point, the story is enjoyable and art is good the story is gripping and intense and engages you till the end. The overall experience is going to be a slow burn. It is a good manhwa where mc is a genius.

6. Reaper of the drifting moon

Reaper of the drifting moon
  • Author – Woo-Gak
  • Genre – Action, Adventure, Martial arts, fantasy

The story is set in a fantasy, adventure world Full of Assassins. The MC is exceptionally very calculating and calm. Assassins are always fun to watch but This one is damn perfect, the plot is engaging, the MC is elegantly composed, not too solid, not too weak, and truly intelligent and crafty however the execution of the story is awesome. The main character is smart and ruthless at the same time. Side characters are also written well.

The art is also good and battle scenes truly sneak up all of a sudden. This is a should pursue each murim manhwa with genius mc.

5. I’m the fated villain

I'm the fated villain
  • Author – LeeOn
  • Genre – Action, fantasy, psychological, adventure

The story of this manhwa settles in two different realms including the Mortal Realm and the Upper Realm. The Mortal Realm is the lowest, and above it is the Upper Realm, which is home to godlike beings.

In this story main character is overpowered from the start but he is in the body of a villain so he has to do something about the main character’s plot armor or else the main character will kill him one day. The art of this manhua is top level and the story is as well. This manga with genius MC is great if you’re a fan of manhwa which has a slight twist but keeps all the things you love for a development read.

4. Killer Pietro

Killer Pietro
  • Author – Kim Junghyun
  • Genre – Action, Adult, martial arts, Drama

This manhwa has an enamoring mix of mystery and suspense It offers a story that keeps the reader engaged till the end. The twists and turns in the story crave them more.

It’s a tale about the legendary killer who got betrayed by his organization, supernaturally became youthful and now trying to get revenge by infiltrating his organization and hiding his strength. This manhwa is a great read. The art is good – beautiful, clean, and very attractive characters. Certain events.

3. Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

The story is set in a realm called Anuria, where mages and swordmasters live together and use aura and magic powers. The story follows a hunting dog who is dishonestly blamed for being associated with demons and beheaded. Instead of dying he is resurrected as a child. The story follows Vikir’s journey for vengeance.

The story is known for its eye-captivating visuals and dynamic storytelling and incorporates extraordinary conflicts and intense turns.

2. I reincarnated as the legendary surgeon

I reincarnated as the legendary surgeon
  • Author – park dongshin
  • Genre – Adventure, Drama, fantasy, historical

A nice manhwa where the MC who was a specialist is resurrected into the three-kingdom time frame in China. The artwork and style are up to the mark the words and dialogues convey their feelings and emotions toward each other.

It is a good manhwa where mc is a genius that focuses on patient treatment consistently. The plot and characters are thoroughly examined and human. If you’re simply beginning to read in this niche then this is among my must-read manhwa recommendations.

1. The devious son of heaven

The devious son of heaven
  • Author – Aster_ainosDaoist
  • Genre – Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical

This manhwa is set in a world where a City girl is accused of a crime she didn’t commit then she acknowledges to be a mermaid queen of a bar called Mermaid’s Fins and begins her adventure. This manhwa is next-level visuals. a recommended and it’s super engaging too. it is known for its intricate world-building and complex characters.

You won’t get bored as the drama and action will hook you up and the side characters are awesome if you want a long-running manhwa with genius MC then give it a try.

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